Olivia Wilde has Daniel Craig’s back in new “Cowboys and Aliens” ad

Daniel Craig’s got a lot of problems in the new Cowboys & Aliens TV spot. He’s lost his memory, a strange bracelet’s attached to his wrist, and did we mention he lost his memory? Luckily for him, Olivia Wilde and her doe eyes are there to help him through it.

From the looks of it, Jake Lonergan (Craig) was dropped out of the sky with a new piece of snazzy jewelry. It has a mind of its own, and it’s caught the attention of a young woman named Ella (Olivia Wilde). He wants to know what happened to him, and she wants to know where he got his arm candy.

This whole TV spot is filled with Olivia Wilde giving Daniel Craig some positive reinforcement. If aliens abducted you, wiped your memory and kidnapped your girlfriend, you would need some words of encouragement, too.

According to Ella, they have one major advantage against their enemies—they underestimate him! We’re not sure what that means, but we assume Jake’s a lot more badass than he’s letting on.

Once Jake gets his head on straight he’ll be unstoppable. At one point in the TV spot, he’s shown taking charge and rallying the troops. He even asks Col. Dolarhyde (Harrison Ford), “You ready to get your people back?” You bet he’s ready! No one goes after Han Solo … we mean Indiana Jones … we mean Col. Dolarhyde’s family and gets away with it!

Check it out below.