Olivia Wilde on Romance Rumors and Activism Awards

olivia wilde She’s a talented actress, one of the sexiest women in Hollywood and a philanthropist? Olivia Wilde really does have it all. So it’s no wonder that on Saturday, she was honored by non-profit organization Chrysalis, which helps homeless and low-income individuals to become self-sufficient and get jobs.

Wonderwall caught up with the newly-single screen siren at the 10th annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball and chatted about what the award meant to her, those pesky romance rumors and more.

On rumors that she’s romantically linked to every eligible bachelor in Hollywood:
“I find it hilarious. I don’t know why they just think that I can have the energy to be dating all of these people. I’m single and I think it’s so funny and, you know, I think now people are curious, so if I’m with a friend, they think he’s my boyfriend. I have a lot of guy friends, but they’re only friends.”

On what inspired her new lighter hair color:
“Summer! It’s my summer look. [I’ll keep it] until a movie makes me dye it some strange color for a role. It just sort of turns this color anyway in the sun, so I just let it happen.”

On being honored by Chrysalis:
“I have always been really proud to be part of the philanthropic community in Hollywood. When I’m not working on a movie set, I raise money for my organization, which is Artists for Peace and Justice, and what we do is build schools in Haiti. We run the only free secondary school in Haiti, so we’re all about sustainable assistance. That’s what Chrysalis is about, so there’s a connection between our two organizations because they are not just giving away free food or clothing drives.”

On her first job:
“I think I cleaned out stables. When I was a teenager, I was working a horse stable. I don’t think I got paid. I got paid in riding lessons. That was my first job.”

On her favorite summer trends:
“I love all the long maxi-skirts because that really works for me and, I don’t know, I haven’t really had time to pay attention. Are there good summer trends? I’ve gotta read a magazine!”

On her new movie ‘The Words’:
“I’m very excited; I start in a few weeks. I spend all of my scenes with Dennis Quaid, which is really fun. I’ve always loved Dennis Quaid. It’s a great cast. And I’m kind of jumping in and out of that one to do press for ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ and ‘The Change-Up.’ Busy summer!”