Olivia Wilde on Dating After Divorce and Texting Disaster

Actress Olivia Wilde chatted with “Extra” correspondent Terri Seymour on a dude ranch in Montana to talk about her new movie, “Cowboys & Aliens,” getting back in the dating game and the challenges of texting.

“I don’t know how to date! How does that work?” laughed Wilde, who split with her husband of eight years, Tao Ruspoli, earlier this year.

The lovely star has been paired with just about every single guy. “I was never a target for that stuff before, and I’ve been friends with all these people for years, but no one paid attention because I was married. It’s something I try to laugh at because it is funny, and none of its true!”

As for using cell phone technology while dating, Wilde admitted she’s not too savvy. “I was with one person for all my twenties, so I’m a little bit behind the times. Like, I don’t understand texting! People are suave on texting. And then they know, if you get a text, don’t text back for two days, because then you look too eager. And I’m like, what?? I already texted back six times!”

Wilde said she enjoyed a cocktail or two in between all the action takes on the “Cowboys & Aliens” set. “There was James Bond doing the old martini shaker, we were like, ‘Ahhhh…”

The busy actress is also starring in the upcoming R-rated body-switching comedy “The Change-Up” – and said she’d rather have her mother see her in “Cowboys & Aliens.” “It’s not one to invite my mom to,” she laughed.

And with whom would Wilde like to change places? “Oprah. Think about it… what’s wrong with that life? It’s so fun. You can fly everyone you know to Hawaii for lunch and buy them puppies and cars and feel good about it. Now I’m really upset. I’m not Oprah because I spent all day thinking about changing places with her.”

Check out Wilde in “Cowboys & Aliens,” opening July 29 and “The Change-Up” in theatres August 5.