Olivia Wilde To Direct Short Film For Glamour Magazine

What happens when an actor steps behind the camera to direct short films for a fashion magazine? Readers of Glamour magazine are about to find out. Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana and Eva Longoria have all partnered with the magazine’s Reel Moments program, for which they’ll direct short films telling the real stories of Glamour readers.

Saldana’s film, Kaylien, is about a young girl who feels like an alien. (Spoiler alert: it turns out that the girl is autistic.) She cast Bradley Cooper and Malin Ackermann in the 20-minute short, which she told Women’s Wear Daily was an important story for her to tell. Saldana’s niece is autistic. And in order to tell the story right, she even hired a few members of the Avatar team to help with stunts and special effects.

Longoria is taking on what she calls the “surprisingly humorous” story of a woman facing a double mastectomy. It hasn’t been revealed what Wilde is working on yet (although we do know from this photo that Justin Long is in it), but the thrust of the project seems to be stories with a definite didactic message. She told WWD that she wanted to do a short film to learn how to be a better actor — and because there aren’t enough women who direct films.

“I’ve always kind of mourned the small number of female directors in this business and I kind of complain about it a lot without doing anything. So instead of whining about there being a lack of female directors, why don’t I become one and create my own story. So it’s been a dream for a long time.”

Whether or not the films will be a dream come true remains to be seen, but the Reel Moments program has gotten some A-list talent to direct films in the past. Since 2005, Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston have made shorts, and if they were happy with the results, we’d bet the viewers (and new directors) will be, too.