Which Celebrity Does Olivia Wilde Want to Swap Bodies With?

Olivia Wilde may be considered Hollywood’s reigning “it” girl, but there is one other high-profile person she wouldn’t mind trading places with for a while.

Actually, make that two.

“I go between Oprah (Winfrey) and Gayle (King) because I can’t tell who has more fun,” Wilde told FOX411’s Pop Tarts at the premiere of her new “body switch” comedy, “The Change Up.” “But if it was a non-celebrity, definitely my gardener. She has a great time. She always seems so happy.”

Although the newly-single Wilde is pretty content with her existence thus far, there are a couple of minor things she would like to change.

“I would clone myself so that I could do more things, and I’d add 12 hours to each day,” she chirped.

However, Wilde also wants the world to know that she’s more than just a good actor.

“I just directed for the first time, that’s a role I’ve wanted to play, and I loved it. I directed a short. It’s a comedy, and I just had a blast – such a thrill,” she continued. “And I have a documentary that I produced called ‘Sun City Picture House,’ which is really great. It’s about building a movie theater in a refugee camp in Haiti. I love stepping behind the camera and being able to produce or direct. And those were two projects that were very fun. I’m very happy. I feel very proud of what I’ve learned thus far in my career and how I’m able to swing it around and start developing more things.”

But fear not, Wilde’s desire to continue pursuing a life behind the lens doesn’t mean we will be seeing less of her under the spotlight.

“I’ll keep acting,” Wilde added. “I’m too much of a ham to stay away.”