House Says Goodbye: Sneak a Peek at Olivia Wilde’s Final Episode

Paging Dr. Hadley. It’s time for your final rounds in Princeton-Plainsboro.

Sad but true. Next week’s episode of House will be the Thirteen’s (Olivia Wilde) last time running the differential diagnosis with Dr. House (Hugh Laurie). Of course, we could always drag her back for the series finale.

So how does Thirteen react to House barging back into her life? And what does Laurie have to say about losing Wilde to the movie biz? We’ve got an episode clip and interviews to answer those questions…

“There’s a few good reasons for her not to be working anymore as a doctor,” Wilde says about Thirteen’s current situation. “She’s had a disease for a number of years and she doesn’t necessarily have that many years left. At this point she’s struggling with that dilemma. But of course it’s always up to House. No matter how much he drives them crazy, he’s still the most compelling and dynamic person to work for. And ultimately, it’s resolved for her.”

Basically, House wants his old peeps back and obviously, certain people aren’t as willing to be dragged back in. “House is shuffling his own deck of cards,” says Laurie. “Chase and Taub he wants back. He needs them. He does know that, but he’d never admit it to them. And he’s trying to bring Thirteen back into the fold. She’s operating on the level that House needs around him.”

But does Thirteen need House? Check out the clip below from next week’s episode and see what happens Thirteen confronts House about his stalking issues.

After next week, we probably won’t see Wilde in her lab coat anymore (which she really wanted to steal from set as a souvenir), but of course she’s nothing but gracious to her years spent on the show. “My work has gotten so much better from being on the show and learning from Hugh and all the other actors,” she says. “It’s a strange feeling thinking I won’t be coming here every morning, but all I feel is gratitude. My film career is thanks to House.”

Laurie’s also sad to see her go, and he admits that someone who looks like her should not be as nice as she is. Seriously, could she be more perfect? “There’s great sadness about the place. You can probably smell it. There’s a great sadness that Olivia is leaving us and moving on,” Laurie says. “Although it never came as any great surprise to anybody. Everybody here wishes her the absolute best of luck, but it’s very sad because she’s a wonderful person to work with. [She’s] basically much, much nicer than someone like Olivia Wilde needs to be.”

Watch Wilde’s exit interview and Laurie’s ode’ to Olivia, and be sure to tune in to Fox for Thirteen’s final diagnosis on Oct. 17.