Olivia Wilde in Shekhar Kapur’s next Film?

Shekhar Kapur, who was recently in the capital for his alma mater Modern School’s annual day celebrations, spoke to TOI about his upcoming films – “Paani”, the musical, and the one that he wants to shoot after that. In fact, Kapur also met Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde recently to talk to her about the next movie. “Yes, I met her. I’m meeting a lot of people for the movie but it’s too soon to say anything. I will work on this movie after “Paani”.” As far as “Paani” goes, Kapur says it’s a daunting task ahead of him, “It’s a big film with a budget of USD 50 million. To get it all alone is not easy. I’m producing, directing and doing everything for this international film.” But as far as the cast and the name of Kristen Stewart goes, says Kapur, “You can keep chatting with people and discussing the story but till the time someone doesn’t say yes, it’s all conjecture.”