Olivia Wilde: I’m Not Trying to Hide My True Self

Being a Revlon Global Ambassador has lots of perks, and we’re not just talking makeup. Olivia Wilde and Emma Stone will co-host the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women in New York on May 5, while Halle Berry will lead the Los Angeles event on May 12. We had the chance to chat with Olivia about this exciting annual fundraiser, which has distributed more than $65 million to women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs. Keep clicking as Olivia spills about her plans for the event, her makeup tips, and more.

Have you ever done the EIF Revlon Run/Walk before?
I have, yes, when I first moved to Los Angeles, so in about 2003. … I saw a flier on a desk at a store, I picked it up, and I signed up, raised some money through sponsorships, and I went and ran downtown. It was extraordinary. I’ll never forget it. … It was incredibly moving, and I found it to be pretty life-changing. … So to be a hostess of the EIF Revlon Run/Walk this year is just a tremendous honor.

Are you a runner or a walker?
Oh, I’m a walker! I run when chased. I think I’ll attempt to run at least part of [the Run/Walk] this year because the goal is overcoming obstacles, and I can certainly push myself to run nearly 5 kilometers. But even if you don’t want to do that, it’s still worth coming. I certainly just enjoy walking, and you get the chance to really meet people and talk to them when you’re walking.

Last year, your fellow Revlon ambassador Halle Berry wore a bright pink wig for the walk. Can we expect similar wackiness from you?
That’s a great idea! Emma [Stone] and I can come up with something interesting together. It’s kind of like a big party. [Whether] you did it yourself, you bring a bunch of friends, or if you make friends there, the whole thing is celebrating women and celebrating this movement to end their pain. I do think that making it fun is something that doesn’t take away from the sincerity of the event. It’s an opportunity to get together with people and celebrate this movement. [So] I will think of something fun. A wig is a good idea. Maybe I should just wear every Revlon color of eyeliner at once and do a little body makeup.

Speaking of makeup, the cat-eye look has become your signature thing. What’s your advice for doing it?
Use tools that you feel comfortable with, and be fearless with them. You can always remove makeup. Just feel free to play with eyeliner, and just take off what doesn’t work. One of the reasons I love Revlon products [is] because they are so easy to use. I’m a big fan of the creme gel liners. Liquid liners [are] something I’ve always feared. I attempted once at a young age and never went back, because it’s really difficult to use. You need such a steady hand, and I don’t know how you’re supposed to do it with one eye. The gel liners really make it easy, and you can really achieve that cat-eye look, and they have different liners to help a smoky look. The idea is to have fun with the whole process. It shouldn’t feel torturous.

Does knowing that the paparazzi are out there trying to take pictures of you affect how much makeup you put on when you go out in the morning?

Initially it did, when paparazzi was a new thing in my life — a strange, weird, terrifying new thing. I definitely became a little more conscious of what I was wearing out of the house. Then I got to a point where I just refused to let them dictate how I live my life. They’re going to follow me every minute of every day, no matter how boring my day is, and sometimes you leave the house with very little [makeup] on, and that’s OK. I don’t want to feel that I have to put on a full face of makeup to face the world. I look the way I look; I’m not trying to hide my true self. Sometimes I walk out with just basic makeup — concealer, a little mascara — and that’s OK, because [that’s what] most women wear outside the house. People look at the pictures and think, “Oh wow, she’s human.” Well, that’s just me.

Last question: Why should people participate in the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women? What makes it different than other fundraisers?

It’s unusual that people get to participate in philanthropy or in any activism. It is really significant when people actually come together and put a face to the cause. The beautiful thing about this Run/Walk is it is made up of people who themselves are survivors and friends and family of survivors, and even people suffering from cancer right now. It’s overwhelmingly beautiful to be running or walking amongst all those people and to be one of those people yourself.