THR Talks with Olivia Wilde and Her Stylist Karla Welch

Los Angeles based stylist, Karla Welch is only one half of the styling duo “Kemal + Karla” who rank #5 on THR’s Most Powerful Stylists List . Kemal Harris works with the stars of the east coast while Karla Welch handles the west. The Canadian-born pair have created some of the most talked about red carpet moments from the Oscars to the Golden Globes. Some of their clients include: Hailee Steinfeld, Zooey Dechanel, Stacy Keibler, Paula Patton and of course, Olivia Wilde.

THR caught up with Karla and her client Oliva Wilde. The actress reminisced about her first shoot with Welch for an organic beauty shoot in which Wilde was submerged in a wool suit while trying to balance on top of an apple box.

Wilde says that it was the first time she actually enjoyed a shoot because she loved Welch’s style. Since then, she has worked with Welch because of that feeling and the vibe of the clothing made her feel like “a better version” of herself.

When asked about her favorite looks Wilde says two particular dresses come to mind. One of which was a chocolate brown ball Marchesa gown with gold embellishments that she wore for the 2011 Golden Globe Awards.

The other was an almost nude gown, also by Marchesa, that showed off her sexy décolletage that they say received a “collective gasp” at the Emmys in 2009. Welch says, “I think that’s why people always anticipate Olivia on the red carpet because she gives them Hollywood and glamour and people need that.”

Wilde says as a celebrity she just wants to dress in a way that makes people smile. She says, “It’s fun to embrace fashion in that way. And in this business we have the opportunity to wear the most beautiful clothes in the world. Why not take advantage of that?”