Olivia Wilde Switches Roles & Talks Baseball With Ben Lyons

Olivia Wilde has a stunning face that is recognizable wherever she goes. Emerging on the scene originally as an actress/fashion model, most people are used to seeing her front and center.

But Olivia has been gradually switching gears, taking on a new role behind the scenes as a producer/filmmaker.

Creating a lot of buzz at Tribeca’s Film Festival for her production in her second documentary Baseball In The Time of Cholera, this seems to be another role that is fitting Olivia quite well.

Last year, she produced a documentary close to her heart, Sun City Picture House, which follows a young Haitian Man trying to pursue what he loves after the destruction of the earthquake.

But this year, Olivia expresses that this documentary is more so of “a call to action” as opposed to just a documentation, as it shows how cholera arrived in Haiti through the UN Mission. It is also a personal story about a little league pitcher who’s contracted the disease and how it’s affected him.

GlobalGrind’s Ben Lyons spoke with Olivia in depth about the documentary and how much it really means to her.