Self Interview

Big news, you guys: The (stunning) Olivia Wilde will be co-hosting the 2013 EIF Revlon Run/Walk in New York City on May 4 — and we got some exclusive dish from her on why she’s participating, where she likes to work out and, of course, as a Revlon brand ambassador, what’s currently in her own beauty bag.

Although Wilde co-hosted last year’s event (the pic is of her at last year’s event) with fellow Revlon spokeswoman Emma Stone, the EIF Revlon Run/Walk is something she’s participated in before. “I found a pamphlet in a coffee shop when I was 19,” Wilde told us exclusively. “I ended up raising over $5,000. It was incredible to be part of such a strong movement,” Wilde says of the charitable 5K, which raises money to support women’s cancer research, counseling and outreach programs.

To date, the Run/Walks in New York and Los Angeles have raised over $68 million. “It’s so great to feel the pride of raising money for a worthy cause,” says Wilde. But as a true SELF staffer, I couldn’t help but ask her if she was training for the 3.1-mile distance. “Last year I just walked. I might try to run the second half for fun, if I can. For some people that’s their daily workout, but I’m not a great runner. ” Wilde added, “I may try to train a little bit by myself, but I believe it’s all mental. I just have to think like a runner!”

So if she’s not a runner, how does Wilde maintain her svelte figure? “I’m a cyclist,” she told us. And she loves to pump the pedals at NYC fave Soul Cycle, where she spins regularly. Wilde is also a big fan of the 2Fly class at Crunch near her home in New York. Inspired by the “Fly Girls” and the music of the early 90s, this dance class totally feels like a party. “It totally gets me pumped,” Wilde added of retro-inspired class.

And, of course, I couldn’t help but ask how she always looks flawless. It’s kind of not normal, right? “Partnering up with Revlon was natural,” Wilde told me. “They encourage confidence. And I love their mascaras — I never leave home without one.” We’re guessing on May 4, Wilde will be rocking a waterproof formula.