Glamour Interview

If you couldn’t tell, we’re pretty, ahem, wild about Olivia Wilde here at Team Glamour. She’s such a hilarious writer that she’s thisclose to taking all of our jobs, she’s beyond talented in the acting department, and she has an amazing relationship with her fiance, Jason Sudeikis. So it should come as no surprise that she was just as open and honest when interviewing her about her new movie, Drinking Buddies, a story about two couples and their intertwining lives.

Glamour: Let’s talk about Gene Dentler in the film [played by Jason Sudeikis]. I think this guy has a future.
Olivia Wilde: Yeah, I believe in him. I really believe in him.

Glamour: How did Jason come on board?
Olivia: He did me a real solid [favor]. He came to visit me in Chicago right before he went to shoot We’re the Millers. He came to set thinking he was just coming to have lunch with me, and I said, “Hey, we don’t have anyone to play my boss. Do you think you could come improvise with me?” And he’s like, “Sure, let’s do it!” He’s so good at it—just coming up with character traits and not trying to be funny. We had never been on camera together, so we kept giggling through it. I asked him to come back for another moment too that took place in the bar with Jake, and he was so good.

Glamour: Were you a Sex and the City fan? Because the first time Ron Livingston is on-screen, I thought, It’s Berger! Post-It Note Guy is back!
Olivia: For me, actually it was Swingers! Ron has been in so many things, and he’s obviously a Steppenwolf-trained actor, and we were so excited when we heard he was going to come on board.

Glamour: Your character, Kate, is such a free spirit. As much as she’s beloved by guys, she’s horrible at relationships. Why is that?
Olivia: She’s a little bit self-involved. She has an emotional tornado of her own going on in her heart and her brain, and it stops her from being an emotionally generous partner. The thing that makes Jake’s character love her as a friend is her kind of badass, low-maintenance self. That’s great in a buddy because she can dish it as well as she can take it. But that lack of sensitivity is what makes her not a great girlfriend for him.

Glamour: How are you like Kate, and how are you different from her?
Olivia: According to my friends, there’s a lot of similarities. I’m not quite as messy as Kate emotionally. I see Kate as a version of me that I could have become if things had gone differently in my life. She makes the same dumb jokes that I make, but she is just a little more reckless than I am. But I’ve had times in my life where I was reckless, and the times in my life that I was that reckless were also the times when I was just a little bit fractured in terms of my own relationships. I also [didn’t really know] what I wanted and [didn’t] have a huge amount of self-esteem. Kate is a fun person—she’s living life, she’s grabbing it by the balls, but she’s personally not fulfilling herself.

Glamour: Describe your costar Jake Johnson in three words.
Olivia: Hilarious. Loving. Professional. He’s so many more things than that. I really lucked out. I mean, what if I had gotten some douche-y actor who wanted creature comforts like a trailer or a script? It was so refreshing. I’ve been really lucky with costars, but we had to really trust each other.

Glamour: At one of the press screenings, the guys couldn’t stop talking about how gorgeous you are in this film, yet you’re not even wearing an ounce of makeup. Not fair, Wilde!
Olivia: Haha, I’m sorry! That’s really interesting. I think we can take that as a lesson because what they are responding to is her confidence and her vibe. I think I had a 1,000 breakouts because it was hot and sweaty in Chicago and we drank beer. I think it was a little concealer, and I tried to wash my hair once in a while.