“Better Living Through Chemistry” Clip

Certain movies make things look so fun and appealing, right? This exclusive clip, from the upcoming “Better Living Through Chemistry,” should come with a warning much like the ones legally required at pharmacies: No amount of pills will make you look like Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell, nor are they likely to make you have as much fun as they appear to be having in this glimpse at the film.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take look into the pharmaceutically enhanced lifestyle of Doug (Rockwell) and Elizabeth (Wilde). Doug’s a ho-hum pharmacist, rocking a lab coat and a snooze-worthy routine, until he meets Elizabeth, the recreational pill-popper trophy wife client with whom he begins an affair, as well as a nice little medical habit.

Check out the clip from the flick, in which Doug discovers the joys of frankensteining different combos of drugs for his own personal pleasure, heightening both his sexy lunch breaks with Liz and his boring work days. (No word on whether that heightening involves any of Rockwell busting out any of his signature dance moves, but we have a feeling that it’s highly likely.)

“Better Living Through Chemistry,” which also stars Jane Fonda and Michelle Monaghan, hits limited release March 14.

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  1. This movie trailer is absolutely gripping. After watching it several times the flood of emotions were just as overwhelming as when I watched it for the first time. I actually have chills. I have spent many hours working as a research assistant for scientist, MD’s and other clinicians. I have such respect for them and their craft. I have watched them pour themselves out to save lives. (My Doc. put on his chemist hat to save me, despite the many barriers to my well-being created by bureaucracy). An innovative god, he delivered me chemical cocktails to preserve life, and as I grew stronger I couldn’t help but wonder who would be the person responsible for saving him. Although he was drunk in love with taking risks to help others, knowing him for over a year, I often looked in his eyes and could physically see the toll from the weight of the world that was his burden. That troubled me. Excellent trailer. It tugged at my heart. It is an excellent avenue for delivering such a powerful message.

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