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Gallery Update: Public Appearances in 2019

Gallery Update: Public Appearances in 2019

Hi, Olivia fans! I apologize for not updating last year. I recently added some missing photos of Olivia attending events in 2019. Happy New Year, everyone!

Gallery Update: Recent Appearances

Gallery Update: Recent Appearances

Hi Olivia fans! I’ve added photos of Olivia attending appearances from March to the beginning of April.

Gallery Update: Appearances 2019

I’ve updated the gallery with Olivia’s recent appearances from this month.

Gallery Update: Appearances 2018

Hi Olivia fans! Apologies for the lack of updates last year. The themes on the main site and gallery have (finally) been changed. I’ve updated the gallery with appearances from 2018. More photos will be added soon!

Photos: Target Toycracker Premiere Event

Olivia’s latest event has been added to the image gallery. I am currently working on Vinyl screencaps so please be patient!

0001.jpg 0010.jpg 0049.jpg 0059.jpg

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