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Photoshoot Additions

I have added some photoshoots to the gallery that were missing of Olivia. Enjoy!

0007.jpg 0001.jpg 0001.jpg 0002.jpg

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2016 Global Citizen Festival

I’ve added some photos of Olivia presenting onstage at the 2016 Global Citizen Festival to End Extreme Poverty by 2030 in New York City (September 24).

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Public Events > In 2016 > 2016 Global Citizen Festival

2016 Event Photo and Scan Update

I’ve added photos of three of the four 2016 events that were missing.

0007.jpg 0013.jpg 0008.jpg

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Photos: Golden Globe Awards

I have added photos of Olivia from the Golden Globe Awards to the image gallery. Thanks to Gabby for some of the images.

0002.jpg 0009.jpg 0033.jpg 0089.jpg

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Public Appearance Photo Update

I have just added a bunch of photos of Olivia from the missing events that she attended recently to the gallery.

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