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Olivia for InStyle

Olivia for InStyle

Olivia has been featured in an issue for InStyle magazine! The issue will be available on January 17. Check out the photoshoot and interview below!

Olivia Wilde Won’t “Pick a Lane”

INSTYLE – During Tinseltown’s Golden Era, female filmmakers called the shots but were ultimately forgotten. Olivia Wilde honors their legacy while welcoming the next generation of talent.

Hollywood has long been thought of as a boys’ club. But in actuality, women were the early forces behind the camera from the era of silent films through to the 1950s. It was only after the industry began to consolidate around a few leading production studios that the opportunities for women began to wane. And though there are still challenges (e.g., there were no female directors nominated for a Golden Globe this year), the reels are definitely changing. Enter Olivia Wilde, who while directing her first feature film, Booksmart, brought as many talented women to the table as she could, from screenwriters and producers to casting directors and actors. Among them was one of the film’s beloved leads, Beanie Feldstein, who in fact did earn her first Golden Globe nomination for her role. Over lunch in downtown NYC, the creative cohorts sit down to discuss the prevailing sisterhood in Hollywood.
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