In Her Words

This is Olivia Wilde, in her own words, from…

Olivia Wilde is an actress, and an activist. She has been on a few hit TV shows, and a few good movies, but she is best known for her role on the television drama, House M.D, as Dr. Remy Hadley, and for her lead roles in the upcoming TRON Legacy, and Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens.

Besides acting, she can often be found trying her best to leave the world a little better than the way she found it.

She is the Co Executive Director of Artists for Peace and Justice ( which has for the last 2 years focused entirely on education for the poor in Haiti. This year APJ moves into a new phase of providing secondary education to the poorest children, none of whom have ever been offered the chance to continue school past the 6th grade if they’re very lucky.

Growing up in DC, the child of two investigative journalists, Olivia has been passionate about political participation since she was old enough to protest on the Mall. She worked on the Obama campaign beginning as one of the first surrogates to travel the country for Senator Obama back in October of ‘07. Olivia proudly sits on the foundation board of the ACLU Southern California, and, besides scrambling to raise money for their crucial work each year, she is focusing on inspiring young Americans to get involved and support the ACLU in their efforts to protect basic civil rights.

An enthusiastic environmentalist (and vegan), Olivia is a supporter of the Environmental Media Association, an organization dedicated to “greening” the film and TV industry, as well as sponsoring school gardens to teach students about the earth and their health. She is also a supporter and admirer of Power Up Gambia (PUG), which is outfitting medical clinics in The Gambia, in West Africa, with solar panels.

She loves to dance, loves to cook, and is generally an optimist. She hopes to form a community of activists who are committed to creating peace and justice for all inhabitants of this beautiful planet.